Friday, 12 October 2012

Painted Kit

Painted is a celebration of art and colour!!  Art is so exciting and we are so delighted to have had the chance to put this kit together!!  Unleash your inner artist!!  Fabulous colours from bright vivids to soft pastels and true blacks...The rainbow and more at your disposal!!  Fabulous elements and stunning papers...gorgeous unique clusters and WA.  Lovely frames to coordinate and an added bonus with Painted there is a beautiful typewriter key Alpha for you!


  1. oh my god! this kit is beautifull!

    I'd like to congratulate your ct team either : those pages are amazing!

    thank again for your beautifull work :)

    NathL from France

  2. thanks so much for your lovely comments hun and continued support xxx

  3. I love the cat image! Sunshine, Blissful sunshine. Nice job! You have a great talent for incorporating people into your images. I don't know how you make these! They're amazing! I think anyone with kids would love to have one of these art pieces on their wall! No, don't put them in an album. ~Abstract digital mosaic